Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is a gentle form of bodywork which assists nature in establishing balance within the whole individual. Core treatments designed restore harmony to the organism, which activates the body’s inherent self-healing ability.

Our body possesses a self-correction and an adaptation capacity. When a trauma occurs, the body repositions bones, organs, energy currents, and mental patterns to minimize pain. If these adaptations are left uncorrected, greater discomfort and more severe symptoms can occur. The organism becomes vulnerable to disease and degradation. Core helps our body correct these structural imbalances and automatically returns to harmony.

Core Synchronism was developed by Robert Stevens, inspired by Dr Stone’s Polarity Therapy and specific principles of Cranial Osteopathy. The first one is an energy-based bodywork system using a specific model of the etheric body. The second one is an entirely physical system based on cerebral spinal fluid dynamics. Stevens was also deeply influenced by the philosophy of natural therapeutics, nature cure, Dr Bach’s flower system and classical homeopathy. The model and practice of Core effectively addresses the whole human being, energetic and physical.

Each of the body’s structures is affected by the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid. In the Core model, pain is viewed as the result of a body part (mental/emotional, etheric, physical) being out of synch with the Core current and the cerebrospinal fluid. This phenomenon creates friction and inflammation, which leads to pain. Core treatments enable breaking this cycle by re-establishing mechanical synchronistic balance. The organism’s harmony is restored through palpation and focused intent.

Core helps to create an optimal balanced environment for health; enhancing vitality and wellbeing. This system can effectively address a wide range of illnesses, in chronic or acute condition. It is suitable for people of all ages including children and the elderly.

Core is deeply relaxing, safe and gentle. Core does not interfere with any medical treatment, but rather enhances all other healing modalities.

What should I expect from a Core Synchronism session?

  • The treatment is 60 minutes long.
  • You lie comfortably on the table and remain clothed.
  • Since Core is deeply relaxing, you may fall asleep; which by no means reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • It is not possible to predict how many sessions an individual will require before noticing significant improvement. Sometimes the pain cycle may break up in one session. In other cases solving the mechanical mystery of pain and discomfort may take much longer.
  • As a result of improved mechanical balance and relaxation, acute healing may be expressed as agitation or other symptoms of discomfort. This is a positive direction that may ultimately result in improvement on all levels.
  • Core is non-pathology specific. There is no contraindications to a Core treatment. Core is helpful even to those with chronic or acute illnesses.

Benefits of Core Synchronism

  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased vital energy
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Activation of the body’s self-healing system
  • Well-being
  • Better sleep
  • Harmony and balance between the physical, mental/emotional and energy bodies
  • And much more